Thursday, 3 January 2013

Uttarakhand Right To Information Rules 2012

Dehradun:(Page3 News Network)-Cabinet today gave a nod to promulgate Uttarakhand Right To Information Rules 2012 to make it more effective. It may be noted that Section 27 of RTI 2005 confers power to the state governments to make appropriate rules to make RTI more effective. The State Government has created appropriate rules for prescribing information for disclosure, process of application, process of obtaining information, responsibilities of PIOs, first appeal, process of hearing by second appellate Authority, penalty imposed by the Commission, process for the recovery of reimbursement and resolving difficulties under this rule.
According to the rule, opinions, advice or ideas which are not in a written form or content are not information. Enquiring why any work was done in that way, why it was not done in another way, it could have been done in some other way, whether the work was appropriate or not are not information till they are in written or content form. The Sate government, time to time, through Pubic Authorities, can publish the prescribed information exempted from sue motto disclosure in its Gazettes. The prescribed information would be converted into record and electronic form within 60 days of the publication. The public authority would update the prescribed information annually. Hindi or English language would be used. In case the applicant seeks more than one information in single application then the PIO would transfer the application for information not falling under him to other PIO of respective public authority and inform about it to the applicant. In case the sought information is not clear then the PIO would clarify it within 5 days of the filing of application. However, these five days will not be counted in the actual process of providing information. All the information not in favour of public interest and is encroachment to privacy of other person will not be disclosed. The applicants can hire advocate or take help of any other persons to present his side during the process. The penalty imposed upon the PIO could be recovered after two months of Commission's order. Thereafter, Commission would not take any action or hearings on the issue.
A minute amendment was also made in the Unemployment and Skill Development Allowance. The total income of the family of the bona fide persons had been increased to Rs. 2.50 lakh per annum from existing Rs. 1.15 lakh and restriction of only one member from one family had also been removed. Beach Camping policy had been deferred. It will be implemented only after studying river rafting policies of other sates. Relaxation had been made in the total years of service for promotion in clerical grade. For Chief Assistant the number of years had been reduced to 10 from 11 and for senior assistants, it has been reduced to 3 years from 5 years. The maximum age bar for appointments in medical education has been increased to 70 years from 65 for contract or reappointment.

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